Depression in Relationships

Hi, I’m Christine McRae of The Trailblazing Woman. I established this coaching practice to provide specialized coaching for women supporting a partner with depression. I chose to do this because I totally understand the emotional stress and pressure that this can bring into a woman’s life.

My husband and I have lived with this for most of our married life.

He does go in and out of depressive cycles. I found this to be emotionally exhausting and frustrating. At times I would feel anger and resentment toward him. Thankfully, I found a mentor who was able to give to me the tools and strategies that assisted me to turn our relationship around.

It took me a long time though before I realized I needed a mentor

I made a very painful mistake and tried to do this on my own. I tried to sort it out and come up with the answers. I internalized it all. It wasn’t long before I was the one who was not sleeping well. I was the one becoming moody and irritable and certainly the one with the really low energy levels. I let that exhaustion continue until I was in my own cycle of depression. This added more stress to our relationship. It took me a very long time before I recovered my emotional energy and balance.

If there is one message I would like to give to you now, it is that if you are experiencing this level of exhaustion you need to take action to begin to regain your energy levels and bring some balance back into your life. The easiest way I found to replace my energy and get my emotional balance back was to follow the 3 Rs:

Rest, Release Replace

  1. Rest
    Literally, get plenty of rest. This will help keep your emotional energy high. This will assist with your concentration levels and help you to keep your emotions under control.
  2. Release
    There can be a lot of bottled up emotion, frustration and stress that comes with supporting a partner with depression . For me, it was really important that I made the time each day to release all of that out of my system.
  3. Replace
    You do use up a lot of energy supporting a partner with depression. It’s important to replace it. Remember, your energy is not like a bank account. There’s no such thing as an energy overdraft. Replace it. You choose the best way for you to replace it. I do this by going to the day spa and being pampered. For you, it might be making the time to go for a jog along the beach and to enjoy that freedom. Whatever it is, make the time to do it to replace your energy.

If you found those 3 Rs helpful and would like more information on how to get your balance back and reenergize your life, I’ve got a gift for you. If you’re on the website, you’ll see a sign-in box to my e-guide “Supporting a Depressed Partner“. If you’re listening to this elsewhere, please go to the website you see on the screen.

In this e-guide, I give you 10 steps for reenergizing yourself and getting balance back into your life and relationship.

Over 1 in 4 relationships will be affected by this at some point

Relationship challenges like this need specialised care & management.

  • Living in a relationship with a partner who is depressed is plain and simply hard work
  • It is very stressful, frustrating and exhausting – isn’t it?
  • Women or men supporting partners experiencing depression will have noticed that there is very little specialised support available for you.

The Trail Blazing Woman Coaching Practice specialises in this area of relationship stress and will assist you manage your personal situation more effectively to ensure you a living in a place of emotional and mental wellbeing yourself.

I understand the emotional and physical toll that depression in a relationship can take on you as the supporter and on your family in general.

Now you have the opportunity to connect with someone who truly does understand what you are experiencing and can give you the keys and strategies to turn your situation around

You and your wellbeing are the centrepoint of the service provided by The Trail Blazing Woman.

Wondering why I called my services The Trail Blazing Woman?

  • Specialised support for women and men whose partners have depression is a new concept
  • Speaking up about the stress and tension this causes in relationships is breaking new ground
  • Providing specific answers and solutions for this relationship challenge is blazing a new trail for you to follow

Answers and solutions are available!

Depression in relationships is a specialty area of coaching I provide for women and men.

Discover how you can manage this challenge through coaching. Coaching will identify:

  • The top 3 challenges you are having with your partner right now
  • How your partner’s depression is affecting your life and family
  • Your personal beliefs around your confidence and ability to manage the depression within your relationship
  • How to restore your emotional strength and freedom
  • Personalised strategies for you to use in your particular situation that will create for you the answers and results you need so that you experience the changes you are looking for in your relationship.

I am prepared to share with you my personal journey knowing that it will strengthen your confidence in me as a coach and knowing that it will bring courage into your heart because so much of it will be relevant to you and your personal situation.

I know you would love to hear my personal journey of being “partnered to depression”, so I am going to share this with you.

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