Depression or stress in relationships causes

Tension Frustration Confusion

  • Managing these relationship challenges requires special skills.
  • Caring for and supporting a partner suffering with depression is hard work! Living in a stressful relationship is also hardwork!

Is this you?

  • I can’t do this anymore! Have you said this lately?
  • Feeling frustrated, emotionally exhausted and helpless because of your partner’s depression?
  • Nobody understands the pain, anxiety and shame you are feeling right now?
  • Sounding familiar to you?

Help is at hand to turn your situation around!

Coaching can provide solutions and different results within your relationship.


Women supporting partners suffering with depression can find:

  • Support and Understanding
  • Emotional freedom
  • Energy
  • Solutions
  • Strategies
  • Change
  • Results

Personal experience of this journey has given me a deep passion to pass on to other women powerful keys that can transform their situation.

Creating Results: Sounding too good to be true?

Transformation can become a reality for you if you are ready to blaze a new path for yourself and your relationship.

Discover more about how this can be created in your life?

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