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Depression In relationships has hit the airwaves …

Christine McRae Depresion in Relationship CoachChristine McRae has been interviewed by both a Brisbane and Gold Coast radio station discussing how depression in a relationship affects the supporting partner and giving guidance on support and strategies for managing this relationship stressor.

If you would like to listen to these interviews please click on the following links:

Magazine Articles:

UP Magazine has invited The Trail Blazing Woman to write an article for the Winter edition of the magazine. The primary audience for this magazine is Brisbane’s ‘UP! town girls’ – i.e. worldly, influential, affluent women aged 30-69 (generally business managers / professionals). This edition will feature on “pain” and the focus of my article will be on “The pain you don’t even tell your best friend about” – the emotional pain that comes with supporting a partner suffering with depression. The feature story and cover girl will be Olympic Athlete Cathy Freeman. Keep your eyes open for this Magazine!

The Trail Blazing Woman has been acknowledged as a “thought leader” in the field of emotional and mental wellbeing by Behavioural Health Central website in the USA

The Behavioural Health Central website in the USA has invited Christine to write monthly articles for their website which has 6.4M viewers per month. The articles are written from two perspectives: the health care professional and for the carer/family members of those suffering with depression. The website is well worth a visit


Christine McRae Is now a member of Beyond Blue Blue Voices and contributes regularly to a range of surveys on programs and publications Beyond Blue is planning to roll out.

E-Book “Managing Depression Within A Committed Relationship”:

Christine McRae’s E-Book “Managing Depression Within A Committed Relationship” has been very well received and from the testimonials received from those who have downloaded the book, it is certainly bringing much needed assistance to women nationally and internationally as they seek answers to effectively managing depression within their relationship.

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