Relationship Coaching For Couples

Couple Arguing - Coaching For Couples

Struggling with relationship tension, communication breakdown and conflict is exhausting.  If you are looking for this to change in your relationship then it is crucial that you read  the following information.

According to the Bureau of Statistics every third marriage in Australia ends in a divorce and these statistics peak with the age group between 35-44.   In the United States the divorce rates are alarming i.e. 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce.

If your relationship is showing signs of tension and stress you need to act on it now and ask for professional assistance so that your committed relationship does not become one of these statistics.    

Have you ever wondered why this statistic is so high?

There are multiple factors that contribute to this and many of them are common across relationships:

  • Forgetting the basics of good communication with each other
  • Neglecting those things that are important or of value to you both in a relationship
  • Work related stressors leaving little time for you to spend with your partner and family
  • Not asking for help
  • Financial stress
  • Depression

It is an absolute privilege for me as a coach to have either member of a committed relationship entrust their personal challenges with me, with a view to finding resolution and a way forward.

It is an even greater privilege for me to coach both parties within a committed relationship.

I will be honest and share with you that it is usually the female in the relationship that seeks out the help.   This is one of the reasons why you see a section on my website dedicated to relationship coaching for men.

Whilst the women in the relationship is gaining benefit from coaching and seeing results in her life and the way she can manage the stress within the relationship, this very often is not enough to break the downward spiralling cycle of the stress and tension in the relationship.    

Far greater results are achieved if both partners receive coaching.

Firstly, you both benefit enormously from the personalised, professional coaching given to you as individuals.   This is then woven together as you are coached as a couple and allows for smoother, lasting resolution of conflict and tension.   Think of it as a massive injection of personal development that could keep your relationship from being one of those sad statistics where resolution is never found.  

I know you ultimately want the best for your partner and yourself.  Please consider approaching relationship coaching as a couple to ensure you receive the maximum benefit you can for your committed relationship.