Relationship coaching for non-traditional sexual orientations

Gay Relationship

Would it give you a sense of relief and confidence if you knew there was a relationship coach specialising in relationship issues that arise for couples living in non-traditional sexual relationships?   I am sure it would and that you could really benefit from the following discussion:

As a coach specialising in all areas of relationship coaching, I am conscious that a majority of people could assume that my coaching is specifically for the male/female traditional relationship.   As society has progressed there has been an increased level of awareness, understanding and acceptance of sexual orientations that are not of what we call the traditional male/female oriented relationship. 

As a coach I am trained to conduct all my coaching sessions in an environment that is non-judgemental, accepting and respectful toward all my clients.  Therefore my relationship coaching extends to those who have entered into what is considered a “non-traditional” sexual orientation.

Let’s talk about sexual orientation and what it is so that we understand why I have made a choice to embrace within my relationship coaching those who choose a relationship orientation different perhaps to what is considered to be the traditional relationship that has a male/female orientation. 

The American Heritage Medical Dictionary has this to say about “sexual orientation”:

“Sexual Orientation is the direction of one’s sexual interest toward members of the same, opposite or both sexes, especially a direction seen to be dictated by physiologic rather than sociologic forces.

It is the clear, persistent desire of a person for affiliation with one sex rather than the other”

Lesbian RelationshipThe reality is that one’s sexual orientation does not dictate whether there will or will not be times within a relationship when there are challenges and strain.  I believe every relationship deserves the opportunity to be one that is harmonious and nurturing for each person in the relationship.  I believe every individual within a relationship deserves to feel free to ask for professional assistance with a relationship issue that is really beginning to create negative energy within their life.

People with what is recognised as a non-traditional relationship have tremendous external pressures to deal with regarding acceptance and discrimination.  Add relationship stressors to this and you have a couple really struggling to enjoy their life.

The relationship coaching I offer to those with non-traditional sexual orientations is of the same masterful and experienced professional coaching that I offer to all my clients.  

If you are in a relationship that is of a non-traditional orientation and are experiencing stress and challenges, I would encourage you to connect with me so that together we can find solutions and strategies to move your relationship forward.  These coaching sessions are conducted with a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity to your personal needs and preferences.