Cultural challenges in relationships

It is possible to move past the conflict and tension that can be created by cultural challenges in relationships.

Today we are all conscious that we are living in a multi-cultural society and we see this reflected in committed relationships.  It is interesting however to see the impacts or challenges cultural influences have on multi-cultural, committed relationships.   

In my coaching practice I am connecting more frequently with couples where cultural  expectations are creating tension within the relationship.  The most common cultural stressor is the expectation that the woman is to live completely under the authority and dictates of her husband /male partner.   The woman has no voice, no opinion and makes no decisions.

As western culture has a greater influence on the younger generations within other cultures, conflict and tension can rise as the relationship expectations are challenged.  A greater percentage of multi-cultural women now are very aware that there is a shift away from the role of being under the complete authority of their partner to one that has a more westernised approach of equality within the relationship.   

This is a very sensitive issue and I respectfully acknowledge all religious and cultural beliefs in this regard.  

However, when a woman genuinely feels she wishes to live within her committed relationship in a different manner to the example of her parents or cultural expectations, what answers are there for her in this situation?

As a coach I approach each client and their situation individually and no one situation is the same.   There are basic principles and approaches that can be applied in these situations and it is imperative that they are applied with sensitivity, respect and understanding.   The principles that are applied are not there to create a rift in the relationship.   They are principles that will create greater harmony within the relationship and a sense of emotional freedom and equality for both of the partners.

If your relationship is challenged with cultural expectations and this is creating tension within your relationship, please consider my relationship coaching to be your “best friend” to help you through this.  Some of the principles and approaches you will learn centre around:

  • Dealing with the inner conflict created by cultural expectations
  • Clarifying how you want to live within your relationship and how to make this a reality
  • Identifying what is valuable and important to you in a relationship
  • How to communicate your needs to your partner
  • Strategies for managing your partner’s expectations
  • Strategies for managing parental expectations on your relationship