Some important things to consider before starting to date on the internet

Internet Dating

If you are looking for a partner of quality and who has similar values to yourself, it seems these days it is not all that simple to find these partners and internet dating provides a convenient, alternate way to make a connection with people who could possibly fit your relationship requirements.

I am finding that I am coaching increasing numbers of young women between 30-40 who are seeking to settle into a committed relationship and start a family, yet are challenged by some of the issues that arise when internet dating.   From coaching the women it has become apparent to me that men are struggling with the same challenges yet do not necessarily look for answers or guidance.  

There are certainly some key issues to be aware of and to give thought to for both women and men when entering into a relationship with a connection you have made or are considering making on an internet dating site.

Some of the most important things for you to think about before even putting your details on an internet dating site are:

  • what do you really want out of a relationship at this stage of your life
  • what is really important to you in a relationship e.g. fun, intimacy, communication etc
  • In what areas are you prepared to compromise and how much will you compromise
  • In what areas are you prepared not to compromise

If you are recovering from a committed relationship that has ended, it is particularly important for you to be aware of the common traps that you can fall into when entering into internet dating.  Some of these traps could be:

  • Entering into a relationship before you have emotionally recovered from your previous relationship
  • Giving too much of yourself too quickly to a new relationship because you fear you may lose the friendship/relationship
  • Compromising on relationship qualities that are important to you, perhaps because you feel you are not worthy of the quality of relationship you desire

Through the relationship coaching I offer you can learn how to make the best decisions for yourself when entering into internet dating.   Some of the relationship building skills you will learn are:

  • Rebuilding your self-esteem and  confidence after a failed relationship 
  • Clarity around what you desire in a relationship
  • Setting boundaries within your internet dating 
  • Effective communication
  • Building a set of relationship values on which you are not prepared to compromise
  • How to approach the tough, touchy issues that inevitably arise in building intimate and committed relationships

If you would like to save yourself disappointment and heartache when internet dating why not connect with me and make an investment in some personalised coaching sessions that will give you tools and strategies to use that are relevant to your situation and the relationship you are wanting to create.