Living with a Depressed Partner

Partners who choose to stay in a relationship where their partner is suffering from depression are people of commitment, courage, flexibility and openness.

They are also looking for knowledge on and answers to the stress and conflict they are experiencing. Being “partnered to depression” is no easy task and requires exceptional relationship and communication skills and the resolve to live in a place of emotional freedom in the midst of your circumstances.  

Here are My Top Ten Insights For Managing Depression Within A Committed Relationship:

  1. Don’t try to travel this journey on your own. Ask for help, reach out for support.
  2. Lose your sense of shame and embarrassment about the fact that your partner suffers from depression.
  3. Find a place of “safety” where you can break the silence on the pain you have been experiencing and openly talk about the impact your partner’s depression is having on you and your family.
  4. Resist the instinct to rescue your partner and become their counsellor.
  5. Ensure your partner receives the appropriate medical care from a General Practitioner, Psychologist or Psychiatrist to assist them to manage their depression.
  6. Do not allow the depression to dictate to you how you will live your life and raise your family.
  7. Reclaim yourself.    Stop suppressing yourself and turning yourself inside out to be who your depressed partner wants you to be depending on their mood.
  8. Make time for yourself to do those things that refresh you, make you feel good, relax you and bring you encouragement.
  9. Remember to set appropriate boundaries in relation to how your partner communicates with you and behaves toward you.
  10. Keep openly talking to your partner. Do not go silent on them.  Be as natural and normal as possible with the cycle of life while they are in their depressed emotional state.  This is a sure way for them to make a speedier recovery.

Copyright Christine McRae 2009

christine1263_smlContact: Want more strategies for managing depression in your relationship? Take a journey through my website   Have a read of my personal experience of living with a partner suffering from depression.  Look at the qualifications I have that give me the tools to assist you get the answers and results you need for yourself and your relationship.   I look forward to hearing your story and working together to establish strategies for you to effectively manage your situation.   You can gain personal freedom and a place of celebration in the midst of this very demanding situation

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