2 responses to “FAQs on depression in relationships”

  1. Lauren

    1. Complete withdrawal from life…ie unable to get out of bed, drinking more, going to work, but not interested in work, no interest in sex, verbalizes feelings sad/blue.

    2. I used to try to help…be upbeat, and support him regardless. However, this has only backfired. Depression can be very selfish. I’ve learned to still love him, but to not allow his mood swings to affect my joy in life.

    It is hard…I want a partner who has a zest for the new and exciting things in life. I want a best friend that will laugh at the bad and see me for who I am.

    1. admin

      Hi Lauren
      Your relationship sounds challenging and your partner sounds as though he could really benefit from some professional help with his depression. I appreciate how emotionally demanding it is to continue to try to be the one who is supportive and upbeat all the time. It gets very discouraging doesn’t it, especially if your efforts and not appreciated. Yes, depression is very selfish because when people are depressed they turn inwards and the only person they can think about is themselves. It is a hard journey for the supporting partner which is why I coach the women I connect with to make sure they are not managing this journey on their own – that they reach out for the appropriate professional help they need to be able to effectively manage their partner’s depression and actually learn the strategies to turn their situation around. There are strategies you can use that can make a big difference to the outcomes you get in your relationship and they can change you and your relationship permanently.

      You have done well to come to the place where you have learned to still love your partner and not allow his mood swings to affect your joy in life. You are an inspiration. Who is looking after you Lauren and making sure your emotional needs are met? Do you have yourself on your list of priorities so that you are getting input into you own life to support you through this situation. Let me ask you three important questions?

      What are the top 3 challenges you are having with your partner right now?
      How is your partner’s depression affecting your life?
      On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest, how committed are you to start implementing recommended strategies and action that could turn your situation around?

      Think about these questions Lauren and make contact with me again by email to: christine@trailblazingwoman.com.au. This could well be the beginning of a breakthrough for you!

      I will touch base with you again at the end of this coming week to see how you are going. In the meantime spoil yourself! Take the time to browse through my website (www.trailblazingwoman.com.au), read my story and some of my inspirational articles and other blogs I have posted. I am sure you will feel well supported and understood by someone who has been exactly where you are right now.
      Warm regards
      Christine McRae
      The Trail Blazing Woman