Relationships can be challenging to manage at the best of times.

Managing depression within an relationship is hard work!  

Managing a stressful relationship is hard work!

What can you do to make this journey easier?

“What you focus on is what you get”!

Have you heard that quotation before? 

It is a very true quotation and relevant to all of us when facing any problem in life and particularly when you are in a relationship affected by depression.

Where is your focus? 

This determines your results!

Why are we talking about focus today?  

Your focus has everything to do with where you centre your attentionWhere you centre your attention is going to determine the results you get in your life and relationships. 

What is your attention centred on?

Problems or challenges?

Please take the time to read the articles in this section which will provide you with the compasss you need to manage a relationship when your partner is experiencing depression.

  • Managing A Depressed Partner – 10 secrets
  • Living with a Depressed Partner
  • Putting the zing in your Relationship

Coaching I provide:

  1. Relationship coaching for women
    1. Cultural challenges in relationships
    2. Resolving mother-daughter relationship conflict
  2. Relationship coaching for men
  3. Relationship coaching for couples
  4. Some important things to consider before starting to date on the internet
  5. Relationship coaching for non-traditional sexual orientations
  6. Relationships in church life

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