Freedom from impact of depression

“Fasten Your Seat Belt and Lift Off To Freedom”

Now that you have decided to reach out for help, you are in for a surprising journey. 

You are going to discover things about yourself and your relationship that you perhaps were not aware of. 

You are about to learn some powerful clues to living with emotional freedom while “partnered to depression”.  You are ready for this journey, I know, because you have broken the silence on your suffering and have reached out for help which is right at hand.

Reclaiming Yourself:

What happens when you are “partnered to depression” is that the depression can dictate to your life.   It can tell you what you can and can not do. It can limit your social life.

The depression can rob you of your individuality as you seek to find a way to accommodate the effects it is having on your relationship and your home.  Actually, it often feels like you are walking on eggshells doesn’t it?! 

Well you no longer need to feel that this is the way it has to be.  You actually have the power within you to change this and to claim back your life and yourself.

So how do you reclaim yourself:

One of the most important keys to reclaiming yourself is to stop suppressing your individuality and turning yourself inside out to be who your depressed partner wants you to be. 

Depending on your partner’s frame of mind, the depression within them could be demanding you be different things to them at different times. 

A depressed person easily loses their sense of direction in life and therefore can feel insecure and unsure of themselves.  

This emotional state can easily be projected on to you and you unconsciously find yourself trying to please your partner to keep the peace.   This is a trap.  In these situations you need to remain strong and constant in relation to who you are as an individual. 

You do not sacrifice your own self or identity to appease your depressed partner’s moods.  Most of all your partner needs consistency around them at this time.

Setting boundaries is vital:

As a parent you will have learned the importance of setting boundaries with your children in relation to behaviour and how they communicate. 

Due to the uncertainty and insecurity depression can bring into your partner’s life, boundary setting becomes essential as a guide to them as they work their way out of the depression cycle. 

It is vitally important that you remain clear in relation to your expectations of how your partner is to behave towards you and the manner in which they communicate to you when they are depressed.    

One of the crucial points for you reclaiming your freedom is that you express to your partner that you do not appreciate it when they are behaving or communicating to you in a way that is belittling or hurtful.  Communicating this in a non-judgmental tone of voice is critical to your outcome!  In this way you become a compass for your partner’s emotions and eliminate a considerable amount of frustration, anger and hurt on your part.

 Remember this principal – “are you throwing kerosene on their fire of depression or are you gently watering it down so that the flame is extinguished”.  The choice is yours!

Copyright Christine McRae 2009

christine1263_smlContact:  There is so much more freedom to be gained: Take a journey through my website and read of my personal experience with managing  the journey of being “partnered to depression”.  Discover some of the transformation and freedom that I now enjoy.  

Look at the services and resources I offer that can help you also to walk this journey with emotional freedom.  

I look forward to hearing your story and together reclaiming back your individuality and personal strengths so that you can walk within your situation with emotional freedom and confidence.

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