Living Above Depression

“Does it feel like you are drowning?

Your partner’s depression has raised its ugly head and you are on the treadmill yet again.

You have woken up one morning thinking “here we go again”.

Then that deep, sinking feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion grips your emotions and body and panic kicks in.  You literally feel like the situation you are living in is drowning you. 

The next thought you get is – “I can’t do this any more!”

That sinking feeling of despair:

One too many cycles of depression has tripped you over the edge and you now feel a sense of despair as you try to muster up some courage and strength to walk through this journey once more with your partner.  You are in a daze trying to make sense of your relationship and life and you have reached the point where you have no answers.  There is just no way you can keep doing this.  

Something has to change.   The despair and burden of responsibility is overwhelming because it appears this situation will be with you for the rest of your life.  That is the sinking feeling of despair.

Living above the depression:

You have now reached a critical point in your relationship.  As you sit alone in your silence and pain, weeping with exhaustion and wondering where to turn you realise the extent of the lonely journey you have travelled for so many years.  

You begin to reflect on the toll the loneliness has had on your life.   That loneliness could engulf you or you could make a choice not to go it alone any more. 

Making the decision to not go it alone on this journey is what will give you the buoyancy to lift your head above the situation. The moment you make this decision is the moment when you create for yourself a life raft and your head slowly starts to rise above the water and you begin to breathe again.   How does it feel to be afloat again?

Reaching out for the life raft:

Choosing not to go it alone is one of the most courageous and wisest decisions you will ever make in your life.  Reaching out for and seeking the professional help you need to rise above the situation and find answers will be the turning point in your relationship and life.  This is your life raft. 

Through the professional support you receive you will gradually find a new way of living with a partner with depression.  Firstly, knowing you are not alone on this journey is a huge relief.  Then new hope and strength begin to appear as you learn new ways of communicating with your partner that will impact positively on your relationship. 

As hope and strength build up, so too does your energy.  As you continue to receive support you will find the tools to assist bring you into a new place of emotional freedom within your relationship.

Finding this unique life raft:

To find this unique life raft you will need to connect with a woman who has walked the same journey as you are walking and has found a place of personal freedom and celebration within the midst of it all.   Through this  strong connection with someone who has already walked this road you will experience understanding, solutions for your individual situation and the pathway to personal freedom and energy

You will be surprised at the skills you gain to be able to manoeuvre yourself through any depressive tunnel your partner may experience and to learn how to protect your emotions in the midst of this.

Copyright Christine McRae 2009

christine1263_smlContact:  Don’t allow yourself to “drown” in your situation.   Instead allow your head to float above the water … take a journey through my website  

 Browse through my qualifications. Read my personal story of being “partnered to depression” and look at the services and resources I offer that can make a difference to your situation.  

I look forward to hearing your story and together finding that very individual life raft for you that will see you enjoying life to the full and living with enthusiastic energy.

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